2017 Independent Winners

First – a statement from the Management of TopMargaritas.com. To President Trump: Please do not build a wall between us and Mexico or tax their imports (like tequila). In the end, we will all pay for that kind of policy and thinking. Love builds bridges, not walls. And when we are done building bridges, let’s all sit together and enjoy a margarita, which, without Mexico, would not be possible. Thank You.

  1. Matteo’s Salsa Loco, Fenwick Island, DE. Year after year, this little bar and restaurant located only blocks from the beach, makes our favorite – called the Tres-a-Rita. Tres Amigos tequila is the key, although the true formula is now a secret handed down through generations of bartenders. Enjoy it with the fresh catch of the day, sitting in your t-shirt and shorts, and think about how far away you are from the office!
  2. El Pedregal, Los Cabos, MX. Sure, Cabo Wabo is less than a mile away, and all the spring breakers are welcome to drink what they’re serving. When you eat at this five star resort, the house margarita is made with Don Julio 70, a blend of two anjeos. Yet it’s not too dark, it’s very light and perfect for a hot day. Best of all, if you stay at the hotel, you get a free one when you check in!
  3. Los Sarapes, Chalfont, PA. It’s not near downtown Philly, but their tequila bar beats any of the trendy places in the city. Also their bar staff knows the most about what they are doing, so you can trust their recommendations. We suggest the Top Shelf Margarita, but you can’t go wrong.
  4. Zarapes, Marlborough, MA. Located on a side street 30 minutes outside of Boston, a family run restaurant has the best tequila line up in New England. The house margarita is good, but trade up one notch to the Cazadores version (our favorite tequila) and watch the masters in action. Also, a great value which is hard to find in the highly priced Northeast.
  5. Consuelos, San Jose, CA. Sit outside in El Jardin or sit inside at Consuelos and marvel at the tequila selections. They make a great version using Cazadores Blanco, but this is another bar staff you can trust to be creative.
  6. Iron Cactus, Austin, TX. These guys are right on the verge of becoming a chain, with four locations, be we are letting them stay here for now. Standing out in a town like Austin is tough, but the Cactus does it well. Get “The Don” featuring Don Julio Blanco and Grand Marnier.
  7. Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta, GA. The folks in Atlanta have a long history of loving Mexican food and drink. And you can find some pretty cool places to enjoy it. This cantina is family run and feels like the real thing. House margaritas are made with no-nonsense and help with the hot summers.
  8. Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar, San Francisco, CA. Of all the places on our list, we guarantee this is the most fun. Enjoy your margarita and watch the hula dancers come down on a barge while the “rain” falls from the ceiling – we are not kidding. Located in the basement of a prestigious hotel, this place is a total throwback to the 60’s. Is the margarita good? It’s good enough for you to put that crazy volcano shirt on.
  9. The Pony Room, Rancho Valencia, Del Mar, CA. A beautiful hotel, with a great casual bar for people who can afford to enjoy the best. The Pony Room has a deep tequila menu and specializes in margaritas. Try the Pony Express or the Silver Pony, it’s like drinking nectar!
  10. Bar American, NY, NY. In the heart of the theater district stands an old school bar with classic bar tastes. Order the top shelf margarita and sit back, listen to Sinatra, and think about what it would have been like to live in the 50’s (with no cell phones!)

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