2018 Chain Winners

  1. Tommy Bahama. Yes, they have restaurants and serve margaritas. We love the one in Hawaii but mostly frequently the one in New York. And, yes, the margaritas are great. Just get the house margarita (its premium cost just like their shirts). PS – if you are shopping in the NYC store you can ask for one at checkout!
  2. Ritz Carlton. Okay, you are sitting in a Ritz Carlton and drinking a margarita – life cant’ be too bad. We added the site in Dallas to our checklist this year and still found consistent high quality.  Again, ask for the house margarita.
  3. PF Changs. Thank you PF Changs for dropping the tequila flight and returning to Organic Agave Margarita. Light, slightly sweet and always cold, this is a simple go to drink. While you may not think of it first, it’s actually a great compliment to many of the dishes on the menu.
  4. Roy’s. A Hawaiian chain that always get’s it’s margaritas right. We are not a fan of the specialty “Jalapeno Margarita”, just get a traditional or Cadillac. They have great tequilas available, no need to burn your mouth. Quality here is always excellent in all locations.
  5. Chilli’s. Right from the beginning, Chilli’s has been committed to the margarita. It was our honor to meet the founder’s wife this year and let her know how much we appreciated their commitment to our favorite drink. We suggest an upgrade to the platinum or Cadillac as the house tequila can be a little rough. As a chain, Chilli’s has the most consistent quality we have found – so the bartender training ensures success.
  6. Jose Cuervo Tequileria. You can bring your comfort animal, we’ll stick with our comfort drink whenever we have to fly. Grab a bar stool and get a good 1800 margarita. Please do NOT get the house here, but focus on the 1800 version. It gets the job done.
  7. Chevy’s Family Mexican Restaurant. You’ve been the good parent, sitting all day at the soccer or baseball field. Now you are with some of the parents and kids at Chevy’s. Why not reward yourself with their Cadillac Margarita? The kids are shouting and running around, but it’s all good by the second one.
  8. Tio Juan’s Margaritas Restaurant. Good solid margaritas, as one would hope given the name. We like the Naked lime best, with Hornitos, and it’s a less calories for us. Have it with their Mexican corn and you almost feel like you are south of the border.
  9. On the Border. Speaking of which, this chain also provides solid margaritas. Try the Mexican Mojito, which we still view as a margarita gone metro.
  10. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. We kept them on this year out of a loyalty, but this is a plea to management to improve their offerings. They’ve gone back to the house brand for all margaritas and it’s not a good decision. These tequilas are made with 50% sugar, like Jose Curevo, and will lead to a major headache. Their “top shelf” combines their blanco and gold, which is actually the same tequila although one adds carmel coloring. Please Jimmy, if you are reading this, come back and set things right with the booze in the blender!!!

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